ZOSI CCTV DVR Recorder 8 Channel with  1TB Hard £125

ZOSI CCTV DVR Recorder 8 Channel with  1TB Hard £125 post thumbnail image

Product description

ZOSI 4/8/16 channels 720P/1080P HD-TVI DVR provides a complete security solution for your home and office network. Coming with H. 265+ video compression technology.
This DVR can remotely access from both internet or from your 3G/4G smart phones.

H.265+ DVR Features: 
1. Super Video Quality and Clarity: Supports 4/8/16 Channel 720P/1080P Resolution 2. Multiple Trigger,Alarm Events: Recording, PTZ, Email, FTP, and Buzzer3. Custom Record Modes (e.g. Manual, Scheduled, Motion Detection) and Record Intervals (1-120min) 4. USB Backup. you can transfer HDD video files to back-up media via USB port . 5. View Your Home on Your Phone anytime anywhere. 

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