Swann cable 100ft/30m DVR up to 4K £19.99

Swann cable 100ft/30m DVR up to 4K £19.99 post thumbnail image

Product description

MPN: SWPRO-30ULCBL-GLEAN: 840236121656Item number TYMYW1H

Swann Security Extension cable 100ft/30m DVR up to 4K

Easy to connect co-ax extension cable featuring premium grade materials & shielding that supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. Certified by UL with a CL2 & CL3 rating for fire resistance & safe use in wall & between floors. Add 100ft / 30m of distance to your camera. Tight locking, secure & can’t accidentally disconnect. Send power to your camera via this cable. White cable, perfect for home & office interiors

  • UL Certificed (CL2 & CL3)
  • Fire Resistant
  • Cable Type: NBC (DVR)
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • BNC Male to Male, Power Male to Female, Adaptor BNC Female to Female

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